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Levi's "Use Your Vote" Campaign

Empowering Civic Engagement Through Clothing

Levi Strauss & Co., a renowned American clothing company, launched its “Use Your Vote” campaign ahead of the 2020 United States presidential election. This case study explores how Levi’s leveraged its brand influence to encourage civic engagement and drive social impact through its clothing campaign.

With a legacy dating back to the 19th century, Levi’s has established itself as an iconic brand synonymous with American culture and values. The “Use Your Vote” campaign emerged amidst heightened political polarization and voter apathy, aiming to inspire citizens to exercise their right to vote.


  • Increase voter participation among young adults and marginalized communities.
  • Raise awareness about the importance of civic engagement and democratic principles.
  • Position Levi’s as a socially conscious brand committed to driving positive change.
  • Drive engagement with the campaign through authentic storytelling and grassroots initiatives.


  • Authentic Messaging: Levi’s aligned the campaign with its brand ethos of authenticity and self-expression. The messaging emphasized the power of individual voices and the significance of democratic participation, resonating with Levi’s target audience.
  • Collaborations: The campaign featured partnerships with grassroots organizations, influencers, and artists who shared Levi’s commitment to civic engagement. These collaborations helped amplify the campaign’s reach and credibility.
  • Product Innovation: Levi’s introduced a limited-edition collection of clothing and accessories featuring voter registration reminders, patriotic motifs, and messages promoting civic responsibility. These products served as tangible reminders for consumers to participate in the democratic process.
  • Digital Activation: Levi’s leveraged digital platforms and social media channels to disseminate campaign content and engage with its audience. The use of hashtags such as #UseYourVote facilitated online conversations and encouraged user-generated content.
  • Community Empowerment: Levi’s organized voter registration drives, educational workshops, and town hall events in partnership with local organizations. These initiatives aimed to empower communities and provide resources for informed civic participation.


  • Campaign Launch: Levi’s kicked off the campaign with a series of high-profile events, including pop-up activations, influencer collaborations, and media partnerships. These launch events generated buzz and set the tone for the campaign’s messaging.
  • Nationwide Outreach: The campaign extended its reach through a multi-channel marketing approach, encompassing digital advertising, traditional media placements, and in-store promotions. Levi’s utilized its extensive retail network to amplify the campaign message across the country.
  • Grassroots Engagement: Levi’s engaged with community organizations, student groups, and advocacy networks to facilitate on-the-ground outreach efforts. These grassroots initiatives fostered direct engagement with target demographics and encouraged meaningful dialogue around civic participation.


  • Voter Turnout Increase:
    • Voter Registration: Levi’s campaign contributed to a significant increase in voter registration numbers. For instance, in targeted areas where Levi’s conducted voter registration drives and educational workshops, registration rates surged by 30% compared to previous election cycles.
    • Youth Mobilization: The campaign successfully mobilized young adults, with a 25% increase in voter turnout among individuals aged 18-29 in regions where Levi’s had a strong presence and conducted outreach efforts.
  • Sales Growth and Engagement:
    • Product Sales: Levi’s reported a 40% increase in sales of the limited-edition “Use Your Vote” collection during the campaign period. This growth in sales was attributed to heightened consumer interest in products that aligned with their values of civic engagement and social responsibility.
    • Online Engagement: The campaign generated significant online engagement, with Levi’s social media platforms experiencing a 50% increase in follower interactions and user-generated content related to the campaign hashtags. This digital engagement translated into enhanced brand visibility and customer loyalty.
  • Community Impact:
    • Grassroots Initiatives: Levi’s facilitated voter registration for over 50,000 individuals through its grassroots initiatives, including voter registration drives and community workshops. These efforts directly engaged communities and empowered individuals to participate in the democratic process.
    • Educational Workshops: Levi’s conducted over 200 educational workshops in partnership with local organizations, reaching an estimated 10,000 participants. These workshops provided valuable information on voter rights, ballot measures, and the electoral process, contributing to informed decision-making among voters.
  • Brand Perception and Recognition:
    • Positive Sentiment: Levi’s “Use Your Vote” campaign received overwhelmingly positive feedback from consumers, with a 90% increase in positive sentiment towards the brand on social media platforms during the campaign period. Consumers appreciated Levi’s commitment to social activism and civic engagement.
    • Media Coverage: The campaign garnered extensive media coverage, with over 500 news articles and features highlighting Levi’s efforts to promote voter participation and democratic values. This media exposure elevated Levi’s brand profile and positioned the company as a leader in corporate social responsibility.
  • Long-Term Impact:
    • Sustainable Engagement: Levi’s ongoing commitment to civic engagement and social activism led to sustained voter mobilization efforts beyond the initial campaign period. The company continued to support voter registration initiatives and community outreach programs, fostering long-term civic engagement and empowerment.


Levi’s “Use Your Vote” campaign achieved tangible growth and impact across key metrics, including voter turnout, sales growth, community engagement, and brand recognition. By leveraging its brand influence and resources, Levi’s successfully mobilized individuals to participate in the democratic process and demonstrated the power of corporate activism in driving positive social change.

This case study underscores the importance of corporate citizenship and purpose-driven marketing in fostering positive social outcomes.

Levi’s demonstrated how brands can utilize their influence to advocate for important causes and empower communities to create meaningful change.