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How Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - "Annoying Ads" Campaign Created Buzz for Samsung Object Eraser​

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - "Annoying Ads" Campaign

Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra has been under scrutiny for its inclusion of ads across various models, including high-end devices like the Galaxy Fold and S20 Ultra. Users have expressed frustration at paying premium prices for these smartphones only to encounter intrusive advertisements within Samsung’s own apps like Samsung Music, Samsung Health, and Samsung Pay[1]. The presence of ads in these expensive devices has raised concerns about the value users are receiving for their money and the impact on user experience.

Furthermore, the issue extends beyond just ads within Samsung’s apps, as users have reported seeing ads from third-party services like DirectTV appearing in unexpected places such as the stock dialer app[1]. This unconventional placement of ads has added to the discontent among users who expect a premium, ad-free experience on devices of this caliber.

In light of these developments, the “Annoying Ads” campaign surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra highlights the growing discontent among users regarding the intrusion of advertisements in high-end smartphones. This campaign underscores the need for Samsung to address user concerns and reevaluate its approach to integrating ads into its flagship devices to ensure a more seamless and user-friendly experience.

How Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra - "Annoying Ads" Campaign Created Buzz for Samsung Object Eraser​ ​

 The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra “Annoying Ads” campaign was a strategic marketing initiative designed to highlight the phone’s AI-based “Object Eraser” feature. By leveraging humor and real-life applications, Samsung employed guerrilla marketing tactics to capture attention and create buzz. This comprehensive case study details the campaign’s objectives, execution, challenges, metrics, and results, demonstrating how innovative advertising can effectively increase brand awareness, engagement, and sales.

 Problem Statement

Samsung identified a significant consumer pain point: unwanted objects in photos. Common issues include photobombs, cluttered backgrounds, or simple distractions, which can ruin otherwise perfect shots. Although various photo editing apps are available, they are often complex and time-consuming. Samsung saw an opportunity to address this with the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Object Eraser feature, which promises an easy and effective solution directly within the camera app. The campaign aimed to communicate this feature’s value in an engaging and memorable way, setting the Galaxy S24 Ultra apart from competitors.

 Campaign Objectives

  1. Increase Awareness: Inform consumers about the new Object Eraser feature.
  2. Engage Potential Customers: Encourage user interaction with the campaign and the product.
  3. Differentiate the Product: Showcase the unique capabilities of the Galaxy S24 Ultra.
  4. Drive Sales: Boost sales through heightened interest and product demonstrations.

 Marketing Research

Extensive research was conducted to understand consumer behavior and pain points related to smartphone photography. Key insights included:

– High Demand for Photo Editing: Users expressed a need for better in-camera photo editing tools.

– Frustration with Existing Solutions: Existing apps were seen as complex and time-consuming.

– Preference for Convenience: Users preferred integrated solutions without the need for additional apps or technical expertise.

Samsung analyzed social media trends and tech forum feedback to understand common frustrations and desires among smartphone users. This research highlighted the potential impact of an easy-to-use photo editing feature and informed the campaign’s strategy and messaging.

 Marketing Strategy

The campaign strategy revolved around guerrilla marketing, utilizing physical ads that deliberately obstructed views of popular landmarks. These ads were designed to be “annoying,” prompting viewers to consider how the Object Eraser feature could remove such nuisances from their photos. The strategy included:

– High-Visibility Placements: Ads were placed in tourist-heavy locations to maximize exposure.

– Humor and Engagement: The campaign used humor to engage viewers and make the feature memorable.

– Integrated Approach: Combining outdoor ads with digital and social media efforts to create a cohesive and widespread campaign.

 Buyer Persona

The campaign targeted three primary buyer personas:

  1. Tech Enthusiasts: Typically aged 18-35, early adopters of new technology, highly engaged with tech news, and active on social media.
  2. Photography Lovers: Aged 20-45, these users take numerous photos, value high-quality images, and frequently share their photos online.
  3. Travelers: Aged 25-50, these individuals travel frequently, take photos at various landmarks, and desire tools that enhance their photography experience.

 Marketing Funnel

  1. Awareness: Creating buzz through attention-grabbing ads and social media teasers.
  2. Interest: Demonstrating the feature in action via live demonstrations and online videos.
  3. Consideration: Providing detailed information and user testimonials on Samsung’s website and social media channels.
  4. Intent: Offering promotions and incentives to encourage purchase.
  5. Action: Streamlining the purchase process through Samsung’s e-commerce platforms and retail partners.
  6. Retention: Engaging customers post-purchase with tutorials, tips, and updates about the Object Eraser feature.

 Execution of the Campaign

 Creative Concept

The ads were designed to be intentionally annoying by obstructing beautiful views of landmarks. They included messages like “Don’t get annoyed by this ad. Just get rid of it,” directly referencing the Object Eraser feature.


Ads were placed in high-traffic tourist areas such as Brandenburg Gate, the East Side Gallery, and Frauenkirche in Germany. These locations ensured maximum visibility and relevance to the target audience.

 Digital Integration

The physical ads were complemented by social media campaigns that encouraged users to share their experiences with the annoying ads and how they would use the Object Eraser feature.

 Live Demonstrations

Samsung teams conducted live demonstrations at the ad locations, showing how the feature worked in real-time and allowing passersby to try it themselves.

 Challenges and Problems

  1. Public Reception: Ensuring the ads were perceived as humorous and engaging rather than genuinely irritating was crucial. Samsung mitigated this risk by using clever messaging and choosing locations where people are typically in a good mood and open to new experiences.
  2. Technical Demonstrations: Demonstrating the Object Eraser feature effectively in varied outdoor conditions posed a challenge. Samsung addressed this by training teams thoroughly and ensuring that demonstration devices were well-prepared.
  3. Logistical Issues: Coordinating the placement and maintenance of mobile ads in busy areas required meticulous planning and cooperation with local authorities.

 The Ads

The ads were visually striking and designed to be deliberately annoying. Key elements included:

– Humorous Messaging: Phrases like “Don’t let this ad ruin your photo. Erase it with the Galaxy S24 Ultra” directly engaged viewers and related to their real-life photo-taking experiences.

– Visual Obstruction: The ads obstructed picturesque views, making them perfect candidates for the Object Eraser demonstration.

– Interactive Component: Samsung teams on-site encouraged viewers to interact with the feature and experience its ease of use firsthand.

 Key Elements and Messages

  1. Transparency and Humor: The campaign embraced a humorous approach to an everyday problem, making the message relatable and engaging.
  2. Product Demonstration: Direct demonstrations of the Object Eraser feature highlighted its practicality and ease of use.
  3. Customer Empowerment: Messaging emphasized how the Galaxy S24 Ultra empowers users to take control of their photos and remove unwanted elements effortlessly.

 Platforms and Channels

– Physical Ads: Mobile billboards and posters placed in high-traffic tourist locations.

– Social Media: Campaign teasers, user-generated content, and live demonstration videos shared on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

– Online Videos: Tutorials and feature highlights on YouTube and Samsung’s official website.

– PR and Media: Press releases and media coverage in tech blogs and news outlets to amplify the campaign’s reach.


  1. Impressions: Number of people who saw the ads, both physical and online.
  2. Engagement: Social media interactions, shares, and user-generated content.
  3. Demonstrations: Number of live demonstrations conducted and the resulting user feedback.
  4. Sales: Increase in Galaxy S24 Ultra purchases during and after the campaign.
  5. Brand Sentiment: Improvement in consumer perception and trust in Samsung’s innovation.


– Awareness: The campaign achieved a significant increase in brand and feature awareness, with millions of impressions generated through physical and digital channels.

– Engagement: High levels of social media interaction, including thousands of shares and comments on campaign-related posts. User-generated content further amplified the campaign’s reach.

– Sales: A notable boost in sales of the Galaxy S24 Ultra, with many consumers citing the Object Eraser feature as a key purchase driver.

– Brand Perception: Improved brand sentiment, with consumers appreciating Samsung’s innovative approach and humorous engagement strategy.

 Campaign Success Factors

  1. Innovative Concept: The use of guerrilla marketing and humorous obstruction was both novel and memorable, effectively capturing attention.
  2. Engagement: Hands-on demonstrations allowed consumers to experience the feature firsthand, enhancing understanding and appreciation.
  3. Integrated Approach: Combining physical ads with digital and social media efforts created a cohesive and far-reaching campaign.
  4. Relatability: Addressing a common frustration in a humorous and engaging manner made the campaign resonate with a broad audience.

 Customer Reaction

The customer reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Many users shared their experiences on social media, praising the humor and effectiveness of the Object Eraser feature. The campaign not only increased interest in the Galaxy S24 Ultra but also enhanced Samsung’s reputation for innovation and customer-centric design.

 Psychological Reason for Success

The campaign tapped into a common frustration (unwanted objects in photos) and provided a clear, easy-to-use solution (Object Eraser). The humorous and interactive nature of the campaign made it memorable and enjoyable, fostering a strong emotional connection with the audience.

 Business and Marketing Lessons

  1. Creativity in Marketing: Innovative and unconventional marketing strategies can significantly enhance brand visibility and engagement.
  2. Consumer-Centric Solutions: Addressing real-world problems with practical solutions can drive consumer interest and loyalty.
  3. Integrated Campaigns: Combining physical and digital marketing efforts can create a more cohesive and impactful campaign.
  4. Humor and Relatability: Using humor to address common frustrations can make a campaign more engaging and shareable.


The “Annoying Ads” campaign for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra was a masterclass in creative marketing. By leveraging humor, real-world relevance, and innovative technology, Samsung effectively showcased the Object Eraser feature and captured the attention of a broad audience. The campaign not only boosted awareness and sales but also reinforced Samsung’s reputation as an industry leader in innovation and consumer-centric design.